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APRIL 14 – APRIL 28, 2017


Threshold of Revelation

The offering at the precipice:

deep shadow


s t i l l.



Action begins at the heart of the bud—

Blooming then fruit

(then culling the flock)

secret cyclical dynamics

The spinner hands the weaver a silver seed

The animal presents the icon with

The gift of a gold bouquet

Plastic picnic arousal

The bears are coming out of their caves

Celeste Neuhaus is an interdisciplinary Artist, Educator, and self-described Critical Mystic. Her assemblages, performances, sculptures, and videos synthesize the interrelations between the elemental forces at play in the body, psyche, collective culture, and ecosystem of the cosmos. Originally from Chicago, Neuhaus received her BFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago and earned her Masters Degree in Studio Art at the University of New Mexico. She has exhibited in Albuquerque, Chicago, El Paso, Los Angeles, New York, and Pittsburgh. Her practice is now based in Pittsburgh where she teaches at Carnegie Mellon University.

Lindsey Fromm is an artist and educator residing in Albuquerque New Mexico. She currently teaches studio art and art history at Central New Mexico Community College, and is a member of the not-for-profit Friends of the Orphan Signs, with which she works as an artist, educator, and project director for the “Highland Project.” She also makes art with children at the Harwood Art Center in the Art & Sol, Creative Roots and Summer Art Camp programs. Fromm loves collaborative art experiences that engage play, intuition, and radical empathy. She is also a total hand-made paper nerd.

*Exhibition title from Tantra Song, by Franck André Jamme