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Non Finito is Italian for not finished and it is the organizing theme for this exhibition. Throughout history, artists have been making and sometimes abandoning works. Tucked in corners, caves, storage units, and behind stacks of actualized works are the orphans, existing in a purgatory of incompleteness. For some artists, it’s some day maybe…, a challenge to re-visit at another time; for others, these pieces are stubborn and obstinate, representative of failure and confusion; for others, these pieces represent ideas and directions that the artist was unable to move through or follow; and for some these pieces were wonderful little reveries that stand as jumping of points for other ideas and works that became highly successful.

Participating artists include: Angela Berkson, Heather Bingham, Beau Carey, Sheri Crider, Evan Dent, Kristin Diener, Kelly Eckel, Charles Fresquez, David Koch, Ted Laredo, Heidi Pollard, Tara Massarsky, Martin Mayer, Mayumi Nishida, Valerie Roybal, Suzanne Sbarge, and Susan Wing.

The exhibition is curated by Valerie Roybal, Angela Berkson, and Ted Laredo, who asked artists to submit one unfinished work and one full-realized work.

The curators knew that It might be an uncomfortable decision to uncover one of these unfinished works and put it up for show. Participating artist Beau Carey described it as a “pants down moment!” However, the curators felt that the unease might provoke new thoughts and subsequently dialogue about what it means to be “finished,” as there many artists who are often unsure of the “finished” quality of their work. At some point, all artists ask themselves “is it finished?” and feel that there may be no answer.

Says Roybal, “we also hope that this experience will provide a unique opportunity for fascinating glimpses into the process behind what it is we do as artists.”